External or ‘Solid’ Wall Insulation is a form of insulation fixed to the exterior of an existing or new dwelling. This is then rendered to give a protective and decorative coating to the existing facade.
If your home was built before or around 1930, its external walls are likely to be solid rather than Cavity walls. Cavity walls are made of two layers with a small gap or cavity between them. This cavity acts as a barrier to reduce heat flow through the wall. Solid walls have no such gap and this allows more heat to pass through them than through cavity walls. In fact, twice as much heat can be lost through an un-insulated solid wall as through an un-insulated cavity wall. The good news is that, like cavity walls, solid walls can be insulated‚ from the inside or the outside.
External (Solid) wall insulation is an effective way to stop wasting energy and money at home. In winter, a well insulated house keeps warmth exactly where you need it‚ indoors.
Ecoclad are currently involved in many External Wall Projects, Insulating & Rendering residential and Commercial Properties.